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Company's Internal Journal Innovation Is Collected by the Zhejiang Library


“Thank you for your gift of Innovation (1998-2019). Your gift has enriched the collection of Zhejiang Library and provided readers with new knowledge...” On July 11th, we received a “Certificate of Honor” from the Zhejiang Library to thank our company for donating the journal Innovation to the Zhejiang Library.

At the beginning of July, at the request of Zhejiang Library's Local Documentation Department, we compiled a set of printed journals published since the company’s founding and sent this compilation to Zhejiang Library as a work of local literature for the library collection. As early as a few years ago, this journal has been separately maintained by the Shaoxing Library and Xinchang Library, and every periodical published thereafter was then been mailed to the above-mentioned libraries.

The Innovation journal was renamed from the original title New Drug Administration. On September 20, 1998, the New Drug Administration was launched, and was edited by the Communist Party Committee of the Xinchang Pharmaceutical Factory. After the 4th edition, the 5th issue (first issue published in 1999) published on January 13, 1999, was renamed Innovation. Since then, the journal has undergone several revisions. On April 30, 2004, the editor unit of the 55th issue (second issue published in 2004) changed to Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd. As of June this year, 144 issues had been published.

For more than 20 years since the journal’s inception, this publication has held up the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, guided by Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important philosophy of the “Three Represents,” and a scientific outlook on development, thoroughly implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of important speeches, implementing the corporate goal of “Caring for Human Health”, promoting the corporate spirit of “Working Hard Together, Contributing & Innovating Together”, working closely around the center of corporate reform and development, and playing an important role in displaying the company’s image, disseminating corporate culture, transmitting corporate information, promoting production and operation, and recording the history of corporate development. This journal and its chief editor have been awarded the “First Prize of the National Enterprise Excellence Awards (Collective)” and the “Excellent Chief Editor Award of National Internal Enterprise Publications”. Many publications have obtained their first and second prizes from the “National Excellent Work Awards for Earthquake Relief”, and repeatedly won the “Gold Award of Outstanding Enterprise Newspapers in Shaoxing”, was named to the “Top 10 Shaoxing Enterprise Newspapers and Periodicals”, “Top 10 Shaoxing Enterprise Newspaper Popularity Awards”, “Top 10 Publication Layouts of Shaoxing Enterprise (Public Service Unit) Periodicals”, second prize from the “Xinchang County ‘Camellia' Literary Works”, and other awards.

                                                                                                                                                             (Author: Shen Gang)

                       (Authors Work Unit: Editorial Department of Innovation)